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ExchangeMySkill is a Marketplace for Experts. It is a community of talented people who post their skills for exchanges. ExchangeMySkill acts as the system which brings people together. You are buying services from the community not from ExchangeMySkill.

A Gig is a post an Expert creates to offer their service. Gigs are like jobs, or tasks which come in two types - a skill for skill exchange or a paid Gig.

A Skill Exchange is a way to trade for something without a monetary transaction. Example: "I will trade one hour of HTML lessons for one hour of Spanish lessons." Neither party pays for anything and both users get what they are looking for and the system enables communication between both sides.

ExchangeMySkill is 100% free to create an account and post your Gigs. There is the option to upgrade your account for a larger feature set and tools.

ExchangeMySkill makes money from advertising throughout the website. 100% of advertising money goes to hosting and keeping the lights on.

Skills are key components of how the Marketplace works. Skills belong to Experts and Experts add their skills to the system. Every Expert in the Marketplace adds skills to their profile. Those skills can then be searched and filtered by users to find the perfect expert for the task they are looking for.

Yes and you are encouraged to do so. All you need is an account. It is also ok if you share a skill with others. Users will see all users of the same skill when searching for a specific skill. It is important to keep your profile up to date and professional so you stand out from your competition.

As a standard member, you are allowed 6 skills. If you upgrade to an Expert member, you can include up to 25 skills.

Experts run the Marketplace. Experts post their gigs and other members can exchange skills with them.